What is included in the camping rate?

Most rates include UNLIMITED Mini-Golf, Jumping Pillow, Fire Truck & Hey! Wagon Rides, ALL non-fee Activities, Pool & more! (Some amenities may not be available at all times. Height/age restrictions on some.)

I know that checkout is at noon but I'd like to stay a little longer... can I do that?

Sure, just ask a store clerk to see if it's going to be available & pre-pay $5 per hour up to 2 hrs. (Not available for cabins)

Why do I need to give an email address at reservation time?

All camping confirmations are sent via e-mail. Rest assured that we do not sell or distribute email addresses.

How much firewood can I bring?

Actually, all burning material must be purchased at the campground. Any wood or burning material brought with you would need to be removed from the property before going through our gates. To learn more about why this is important visit Don't Move Firewood.

If I leave early will I get a refund?

Other campers are turned away so that we may hold a site for you. Therefore, we must enforce our cancellation policies regardless of circumstances. Be sure to review the policy before reserving.

Do you have real bears?

Camping is an is outdoor experience, and it is possible that you may encounter deer, geese, skunk, chipmunk, squirrel, bear, raccoon, etc.

If the site is for up to 2 kids and I have 1 kid, can I have a free visitor?

Like you said, the site base rate is for 2 adults OR 2 adults and 2 children.
(including babies) at time of reservation only. Anyone who is not on the original reservation is considered a visitor.

Do you allow satellites?

Yes we do allow you to use your satellite, however it must be mounted to your unit.

Why do my guests have to pay to visit?

Visitor fees help cover their extra costs of things like toilet paper, pool chlorine, activity supply, water, sewer and wear and tear on roads, etc. Their fee also allows them to join you on the Jumping Pillow, Fire truck Rides & LOTS more at no extra cost!

What else should I know before I arrive?

- $100 fine for moving fire ring plus any damages caused by moving it & possible removal from the site.

- There is a $25 fine for moving fire pits (To help preserve our campsites and prevent damage to unseen wires/lines in the ground.)

- Fun Zone & other amenities may not be open at all times.