Operation Giveback

Every year at Cozy Creek Family Campground we hold numerous fundraisers. All of the proceeds from the fundraisers goes to a family in need. From basket raffles to bike a thon’s we try to find exciting ways to get our campers involved in our cause. If you would like to donate a basket for one of our annual basket raffles please drop them off at Cozy Creek Family Campground registration office.

Do you know a family in need? Contact us to find out how you can nominate someone for our yearly recipient.

Here’s a little from our previous year recipients:

2012: Gareth lives with a rare, life-threatening mitochondrial disorder known as MCAD (Medium Chain Acyl CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency). He is at risk for low blood sugar, muscle breakdown, and organ failure. Any illness, even a common cold, can quickly lead to a medical crisis. We have been blessed that despite his disorder, Gareth lives a relatively normal life. But Gareth knows that he is one of the lucky ones. Many children with mitochondrial disease are wheelchair bound; others spend weeks at a time in the hospital; some, like Gareth’s friend, Parker, have died.

In 2012, at the age of 9, Gareth decided that he wanted to make a difference for Mito families by hosting various awareness and fundraising events. Cozy Creek Family Campground was one of the first businesses to partner with Gareth in his endeavors. In September 2012, the campground helped Gareth to host a very successful Basket Raffle Awareness Event. Not only did the campground guests and owners generously donate baskets to be raffled, their attendance and participation at the event helped Gareth to raise over $600 for MitoAction, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for families with mitochondrial disease.

Living with a life-threatening disorder is often scary for a child but when camping here, our son learned that you aren’t just making friends, you are gaining a family.

2013: My family and I have been camping at Cozy Creek Family Campground for six years now. When my mother passed away, I was only 20 years old. I was working part-time, going to school, and raising a kid on my own. I was left to pay for my mothers burial all on my own, she had no insurance to help for the cost. Some donations were made, but no where near enough to pay for all of it. The campground fundraiser stepped up, and paid for the remaining balance of the burial. If it wasn't for them, I honestly don't know how I would have ever paid for it.  I was beyond grateful for what they have done for me. The fundraiser is a great thing that helps out so many people, not only for just the campers, but for the community as well.

Thank you !

- Kristi Kozlowski