Pets are welcome, but their humans must be well trained!

Cozy Creek Family Campground is pet friendly and welcomes campers who travel and share their camping with the family dog/cat. However, to insure that all of our guests have a safe and enjoyable time, it is important that you read and abide by the pet policy. Make sure your pet has fun too! If your pet is not used to a leash or other human contact, big and small, or likes to bark freely, it may not enjoy our facility. Cozy Creek Family Campground is a family oriented facility, which is considered by many folks to be a reasonably safe environment for their children and grandchildren to visit and enjoy.

Cozy Creek Family Campground Pet Policy

Cozy Creek Family Campground is family oriented. We realize that many families have pets, so we allow them, provided that all of our policies are followed. We have one rental cabin, at this time, that is pet friendly please call to see if it is available before making a reservation online.

This page must be signed and presented at check in.

  • 1Aggressive, and /or barking dogs are not allowed.
  • 2No more than 2 pets per site are permitted without prior permission from the office.
  • 3 Visitors or guests are NOT permitted to bring pets into the campground! Please be sure to advise them of this before they make a trip out to see you and can’t get in.
  • 4 Pet owners must have proof of vaccinations that need to be presented at check in and a copy made.
  • 5Pets should never be left unattended, they may be left inside your RV if they don’t continuously bark.
  • 6Pets must be on a short leash at all times. Please do not tie them out.
  • 7

    When walking dogs, pet owners must carry a bag to pick up the waste. Any pet owner observed not picking up after their pet, or disposing of waste inappropriately, will be removed from the property without refund.

  • 8Pets are NOT allowed in the Store/cafe building, bathhouses, fun zone or on the playground area.
  • 9Children walking pets must be able to fully control the dog at all times and should be accompanied by an adult.
  • 10Pet owners must attest that their dog has never bitten or attacked another dog or person. Pets that have attacked other dogs or people are NOT allowed on the property.